Accelerate MS Exercises and Reduce MS Spasticity in 1 Month

Rekinetics for MS is the leading brain-first system of exercises to treat the physical symptoms of MS by getting to the underlying causes: changes in the brain and central nervous system. Empower yourself with easy-to-do exercises that make immediate and lasting changes in pain, weakness, tightness, balance and overall quality of life.

Over the last 6 months Rekinetics has helped dramatically with my balance, dizziness...and MS tightness. It also helps with loosening my body up and reconnecting my movements. Keep up on the exercises...and you’ll have a huge difference. The quality of getting my life back together has drastically improved.
— Matt L.

Why We Focus on MS

MS rehab and physical therapy exercises target the muscles and joints, using hands-on manipulation to change how the brain processes movement. MS starts with the brain, so why not start at the source and address the brain directly? We have been overwhelmed over the past year by the number of website inquiries that have come from members of the MS community who have worked with a Rekinetics-certified practitioner and have seen immediate improvement in quality of life. Since we don’t have practitioners throughout the world, we’ve been hard at work developing an easy-to-follow rehab program for MS that can be delivered online. Whereas resources like MS Gym are great in providing an everyday guide for steady progress, Rekinetics for MS is a 1 Month, custom program to jump you ahead in your progress and enhance all of your other exercises and interventions for Multiple Sclerosis. If you would like to try this program for FREE, please submit a form in the Contact Us section of this website.


The MS At-Home Program

Exercises for MS walk better with Rekinetics for Ms.jpg

We want to help people living with MS, regardless of where they live, so we developed a 1-month program that can be done with no extra equipment from the comfort of your home. After a call with your Rekinetics-certified practitioner, you will receive access to custom exercises built for you and your needs. It only takes 5-10 minutes a day to see drastic improvement.


Try Rekinetics FOR FREE before May 1st

In exchange for providing feedback throughout your month working with Rekinetics before May 1st, Rekinetics for MS is free. Your participation will improve not only your quality of life but that of others with MS throughout the world.


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