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Don't let your patients and clients get left behind. Attract new referrals, help them get better faster, and create lasting loyalty. Rekinetics exercises can be incorporated into your current modality and as a standalone service. 


Online seminars

Learn to incorporate Rekinetics with your clients and deliver standalone sessions. 


Attract more referrals

Create immediate and lasting changes that people will rave about.


Create loyalty

Provide a service that will keep your clients and patients coming back.


The Missing Link in Our Exercise Prescription

When the brain ultimately controls movement, strength and pain, why do we spend all of our time focusing on structural components like joints and muscle? By incorporating only 5 minutes of Rekinetics exercises into your client programs, you can make sure that both the body and the brain are healing. 

Rekinetics can also help identify and address the issues that are neurological, allowing your clients to benefit even more from structural exercises and treatment. If you are treating the back, for example, by starting with a Rekinetics back exercise you can resolve the neurological noise and then focus on the real structural issues. You can begin with a whole session of Rekinetics, or include 5 minutes in each meeting.  

Getting Started: The Neural Activation Screen

The Neural Activation Screen™ (NAS™) is the first step for practitioner education and client treatment.  The NAS looks for symmetric activation of gross motor pathways that produce coordinated, whole body movement.  It allows for an objective comparison of motor function between the right and left motor cortex across eight different movement patterns.  Once a motor deficit is identified it is corrected with repeated isometric holds of that specific NAS pattern.   This creates a neuroplastic change within inhibited motor pathways in the brain that otherwise will not heal with time, localized strength training or traditional corrective exercises. The NAS can also be used as a maintenance program to help prevent future pain and injury.

In the NAS seminar, clinicians will learn the corrective exercises and how to incorporate these exercises into their practice.  

Neural Activation Screen Manual cover.png

Specialized Modules

After completing a course in the NAS, providers will have the tools to assess and correct baseline deficits in motor cortex. Persisting neurological pain and weakness can be addressed with the Rekinetics advanced training modules. The below seminars will teach you how to assess specific parts of the body.

Lower Extremity Neural Integration, Upper Extremity Neural Integration, Spinal Neural Integration, and Advanced Skills Review.