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Jeremy Baber, mspt

Since 2012, Jeremy has specialized in the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain.  Jeremy began his career in outpatient orthopedic settings and toured the country as the physical therapist for the Broadway show "Movin' Out." When Jeremy began working with chronic pain patients, he felt that contemporary techniques weren't addressing the neurological source of pain. He has since devoted himself to treating and teaching others to treat the neurological causes of pain.             

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Brian Astrachan

Brian has a background in strategy and business development in healthcare. Brian grew up playing competitive tennis and often sitting out months at a time due to injury. Rekinetics came into Brian's life when a wrist injury was about to end his tennis career. Within two weeks he was as good as new and decided that Rekinetics needed to become an integral part of everyone's healthcare and athletic routine. Brian graduated summa cum laude from Williams College, where he was a starter on the NCAA championship tennis team.