What clients and partners say about Rekinetics

I like to be on the cutting edge of performance training and this is exactly what I was looking for. Rekinetics™ is a game changer and will be one of the best tools in your tool box!
— Derek Touchette, CSCS, Owner of Total Athletic Performance
I consider Jeremy Baber one of the greats. He has turned traditional rehab and musculoskeletal care on its head. I have always believed that if we are doing the right things for our patients we will see very rapid results. Rekinetics™ delivers in spades.
— Dr. Ward Hazen, D.C.
The brain accommodates for injury and repetitive work or stress. You cannot have real healing without fixing these communication issues in the brain.
— Dr. Melanie MacLennan, M.D.
I had seen docs, chiros, and physiotherapists, but none of them were able to do what Rekinetics did in the very first session.
— Menelik Watson, NFL's Oakland Raiders
Without a doubt, everyone will be wowed by Rekinetics. It’s eye-opening.
Nothing else makes you function properly like Rekinetics. Because the session
works instantly, it will become a permanent solution.
— Kerensa Langitan, Regional Spa Director, AMAN The Americas, Amanyara
Using Rekinetics has been one of the best things that I have ever done for my body. I was at a point in my late forties where I started to notice aches and pains everywhere and feel that my workouts were plateauing. I now feel that I’m in the best shape of my life despite several pre-existing injuries.
— Steve, Health Club Client
Game changer. It’s the single most enhancing thing to my game. Of all the hard work and drills that I’ve done throughout my whole life connected to the game of football–this has helped me the most.
— JD Washington, NFL's St. Louis Ram & Star of BlacKkKlansman
The constant pain that I had for years was gone in 19 minutes of my first session and gone for good within a couple of weeks. I recommend that every healing professional who wants to help others move better and get out of pain fast get trained in Rekinetics.
— Peter Rennert, Former Top 50 Professional Tennis Player
I used to be afraid I couldn’t cross the street in time, or would fall down along the way. Today, I started realizing I don’t have to wait. I am walking with pleasure.
— Abby

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